General Activities



Mountain. In Arakyntho or Yoke, which is a refuge for wildlife and fauna day and is littered with Earth overlooking the vast lagoon, Panachaikon, Erymantho, Araxo, Zakynthos, Kefalonia or lakes Trichonida and Lysimacheia, the largest in Greece.

2.Above the sea

In Tourlida next natural farms and pelades, In the dirt roads in the lagoon or in the largest salt marsh in our country. You can enjoy the trail right next to great beaches, the time of sunset.


Within the city urban cycle routes with stopovers historians visited locations. It should be noted that the bicycle is the main transport residents of Messolonghi.     



In Arakinthos or Even mountain, following, for example, signaled by the mountaineering club Messolonghi, the funeral march, or limestone mass of Varasova

2.Above the sea

Walking on gravel roads, in the aquatic environment.

3.On Fraksos forest


One of the most important forests that survive today and are known for their rarity and unparalleled natural beauty is the forest of ash in Lesini, the Municipal District of the Municipality Oiniades Mesolongiou.Echei area of about 60 ha, has been declared a monument of Nature and consists mostly of centenarians factions, such Fraxinus oxycarpa.


The limestone volume varassova. The rock is very good quality, with varied terrain and relatively little clay pieces very easily recognized. The main characteristic is the feature that allows the climber to climbing with imagination and a great switch in motion. The number of paths in combination with the variety can satisfy any attitudes and capacity climber. It is comfortable for the schools, training and climbing high level of difficulty and spread


Of the wild fauna and avifauna of the lagoon and the Arakynthoy, individually or in cooperation with the leaders of the camera club, or with Messolonghi, responsible of the management structure of the lagoon. If the visitor is lucky I noticed and wild horses of the area flowing freely to the ammothines of the enchanting beach of Louros.


Applying to the Cavalry Group of the municipal district or Eyinochwrioy in the corresponding group of Aitoliko municipal district.


individually, or addressing the officers of the Yacht Club Messolonghi.


the extremely organized with Messolonghi aeroleschi initiator and INSPIRER Mr Georgios Prebezano Antipterarcho (j) EA and former Mayor of I.P. Messolonghi, maintains sections: a) Sky Diving, with the officer and champion trainer John Delaporta, alexiptwtismoy Main INSPIRER and Chief of the unique Greek team 4way RW is BLUE REBELS”, b), c) famous parachute PlagiasTrike, d) Department and Faculty of Education Yperelafrwn aircraft and e), section Aeromontelismoy.


Allow configuration of the program of the excursion depending on the mood, interests, preferences, the age of members of the Group of visitors. The implementation or not, one or more visits, xenagisewn or activities of the above is in addition to the above, and from economic data.

The proposed remuneration coaster xenagoy for guided tours in two episkepsimoys places e.g. Garden Heroes and Museum of history and Art, is in the 80 euro, i.e., 40 euro each. The guided tour in a third space costs 20 euros. The guided tour in fourth place again cost twenty euro. The proposed remuneration coaster xenagoy for all-day escorting the Group of visitors during the winter months is in a hundred euros, while during the summer, where the day takes longer, to EUR 150. These values relate to groups of around 50 people. For individual guests or small groups the price varies accordingly.

The escort team qualified visitors from the tour guide George Apostolakis, who is the first professional tour guide who was active in Messolonghi and the region, nearly ten years ago, as well as generally in western Greece (Ancient Thermo, Stratos Ancient, Ancient Nicopolis , Oracle and River Acheron, Ancient Kassiopi, Amvrakia Ancient, Byzantine Arta Orraon, Dodona, canyoning gorge, Ancient Olympia, Delphi, Ancient Messene, Temple of Apollo Epikourios Vasses, New Archaeological Museum of Patras, Nicopolis, Arta, Ioannina and many others spaces) is highly recommended.

If the economics do not allow the continuous accompaniment, woo can visit, inquire and learn from Mr. Apostolakis Museums in the enlarged municipality, the Garden of Heroes and archaeological sites.

Messolonghi is a genuine place and multi-intoxicating nice-not deserve to see it superficially. Do not leave without getting something of the personality, people, salinity, serenity, culture of the ... The unassuming charm "by f shore. There the sea shallow and calm, the sea where the broad, long ... "

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