Tour packages


Messolonghi Full Day  

09:00 - Departure from the hotel for the garden of heroes, the current extent of which places the students camp and the cemetery of the besieged. With seventy monuments, is the unique regional glyptothiki of Greece, the unique historic park. Is recounted the dramatic second siege and the tragic exit.

10:00 - Departure for the Museum of history and Art, the Municipal Gallery. Presented and described the tables and other exhibits.

11:30 - Departure for the Centre for art and ' Outlet ', which is housed in one of the three houses that were saved from the destruction of messolonghi, in which he was born and lived the elected military commander of ' local ' tank killed in Razikotsikas Athanasios.

12:15 - Departure for museums of houses – the most important political Trikoupis of 19thcentury-and the second most important Elm – a poet of younger years who wrote the Olympic Hymn.

13:15 - Departure for the International Center for research and study of Lord Byron and Filellinismo in the building that housed the Byrwniki company of Messolonghi.

14:00 - Departure for Aetoliko, called "little Venice" by foreign travelers in the 15th and 16th century.

14:15 - LUNCH

16:00 - In the months that  nychtwnei early in the program is terminated and the Group of visitors returned to the hotel to rest.

16:00 - In the days that  lasts longer, the program may continue to navigate the graphic little of Aitoliko, visit to the Homonymous Monastery with the history of pit and the tomb of Lady-Royal of Ali Pasha, as well as in the Homonymous kathisma with the wonderful iconostasis and the amazing chrysokentito epitaph. Finally, we visit the only Museum of engravings and Centre purely engrave arts throughout Europe, where we admire the pioneering work of winning c with first international awards, Basws Katrakis.

18:00 - Return to the hotel.

 * In all these visited locations admission is free except Museum of Vaso Katraki where priced at three euros.


Aitoliko - Oiniades Full day

09:00 - Departure from the hotel for the white salt lake, the biggest in Greece, where the company's facilities Greek Alikes SA will be informed about the circle of salt and will wander in physical space is produced and collected the white treasure of Greek Nature.

10:00 - Departure for the information center operator Messolonghi. The group of visitors informed about the way that formed the lagoon, the particular characteristics of the area, the flora and (hen) fauna.

11:00 - Departure for engravings arts center and museum etching Vasso Katraki. Brief description on the previous page.

12:30 - Browse the picturesque island of Aitloliko, visit the Church Archangels of the historic well and the tomb of lady-Basilica of Ali Pasha, and the Church the Virgin with the beautiful temple and the magnificent embroidered epitaph. Ability to visit local traditional boatyard.

13:30 - Lunch at one of the taverns of Etoliko.

15:15 - ΑναχÏŽρηση για το χαρακτηρισμένο σαν «Διατηρητέο Μνημείο της Φύσης», σπάνιο, Δάσος του Φράξου που σχηματίζεται κυρίως απÏŒ αιωνÏŒβιους Φράξους, του είδους Fraxinus oxycarpa. Η ομάδα επισκεπτÏŽν ενημερÏŽνεται και ταυτÏŒχρονα περιηγείται, περιδιαβαίνοντας στα μονοπάτια του δάσους.

16:15 - Departure for the family winery Sotiriou, who continues the tradition from ancient times to the production of local varieties of white and red wine. Update on site winery and testing.

17:30 - Visit the archaeological site of ancient Oiniades, the second most important city of Acarnania, to inform the group of visitors about the history of the region but also to tour the theater, fortifications and best preserved ancient yard of our country.

18:45 -Return to hotel.

* The number of visits and activities may change. Some may be omitted or postponed to another day. All these depend on the mood, the interests of each group of visitors or even the age of the members..


Another day package could include various activities in the lagoon and the traditional (d) ivari Klisova, which took its name from the homonymous islet, in which fifteen days before the Exodus was the last grand and victorious battle of the Greeks.

The group of visitors meets fishermen informed of the pelades, traditional huts of the fishermen in the lagoon, the life cycle of fish species that live in the lagoon and their derivatives such as roe, and also members may fish out individually, to visit the old formula works, its gaá¿“tes, islet Kleisova to cook with traditional fishermen fish that have been caught previously and finally to taste the local dishes.

End the tour after lunch.


Archaeological sites

09:00 - Departure from the hotel to the archeological site of ancient Calydon, one of the five Mycenaean cities included in the 'nion list "of the Iliad. The xenagoumenoi informed about the rich mythology that inspired hundreds of ancient artists, the parliament - theater with orchestra rectangular in plan and the first nine rows of seats for Lafrias temples of Artemis and Apollo Lafrio as well as the Heroes Garden of Calydon.

10:15 -Departure to the archaeological site of the Roman thermae of St. Thomas. It is small but very well maintained monument, unique in Greece solids, since apart from the hypocaust, part of the heating system ie, saved the masonry of the building seven meters in height.

11:00 - Departure to the archaeological site of Plevrona also one of the cities AITOLIKO sent ships to the Trojan war . With the help of guide the group of visitors informed about the mythology , the history, the fortifications , the public character of the buildings , including a theater , or stunning in its construction , large tank . Memorable and uniquely beautiful views , especially if weather conditions are favorable for Panachaiko , Erymantho , the Arax , Zakynthos, Kefalonia , the island of Oxia where between it and the mouth of the Achelous held the " Battle of Lepanto " the 1571 .

12:30 - Departure to the archaeological site of ancient Oiniades, the second most important city of Acarnania. With the help of the visiting team guide informed about mythology, history of the region, as well as take you to the theater, fortifications and best preserved ancient yard of our country.

13:30 -Returning LUNCH in Aetoliko or at Missolonghi.


Religious tourism

09:00 Departure from the hotel for Panaxiotissa Gafrolimnis which was Catholic Byzantine monastery and on morphological features of the temple dates to the late 10th century. During research in the field round the temple, identified thirteen sculptures dating members dating back to the early Christian era and suggest the existence of an early Christian basilica.

10:00 Departure to the monastery of St. Symeon, the agreed upon meeting place of funeral troop would move to help the desperate attempt. The church was built in 1740 and is what can be seen today was.

10:40 Departure for St. George Greek, a great "post-Byzantine monument" which is one room church but cruciform with a dome. It was built upon an earlier temple which was demolished in 1696, 1918, but was saved by the sacred frescoes.

11:35 - Departure for one room church of Panagia Finikias inside the unique landscape of the largest salt lake in our country. According to the text of the 13th century, which was drawn up by the Metropolitan of Nafpaktos, John Apokafkos, worked in the same place monastery dedicated to the Virgin Myrodotousa. Moreover, at this point resting and chased Lord Byron.


12:55 - Departure for Aitoliko and visit the Church Archangels of the historic well and the tomb of lady-Basilica of Ali Pasha, and the Church the Virgin with the beautiful temple and the magnificent embroidered epitaph.

13:30 - Departure for HM the Holy Merciful in uniquely impressive landscape that shapes the officially proclaimed by the Ministry of Culture, as "Monument" canyon Kleisoura. It is dedicated to the Life Giving Source throughout Odie mean that there is indeed such a miracle, in which passers-by katerchonto scale. First mentioned in "signet" of 1229-1230.

14:15 - Departure from the Abbey and back meal at Aitoliko or at Missolonghi.

A separate unique monument which must make special mention is Saint Nicholas Hinged or of the Caves . After tiring on , half hour course , but compensates the most demanding hiker , after climbing to the cave , while enjoying great views of majestic beauty, and once you start Kefalovryso Aitoliko arrive in ravine height of several tens of meters . At about fifty yards from the depth, you will find yourself at the mouth of the cave , that there was a temple of the monastery complex . The illustration of the two caves , small and large , is, according to experts, very important milestone in the development of Byzantine hagiography entire western Greece , while it should be noted that the monastery had and bibliographic laboratory (scriptorium), an indication of significance. Journey time , route and tour: Four hours. Suitable for groups with religious and naturalistic hiking interests.

* The above mentioned visits - tours are not all similar actions. As for the aforementioned visited locations in Missolonghi only for the sake of brevity , we did not include the Folk Museum or the Brotherhood of the descendants of the Free Besieged . As for outside Mesolongiou not discussed at the hermitage after ' Enkleistra ' , only two are in Greece , in the cave of Agios Nikolaos in Barasova Agios Georgios Chounistas , to Panagia Lesiniotissa , the vaulted tombs in St. Elias aitolikou etc. .

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