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The Garden of Heroes

The Garden of Heroes is the only regional Sculpture Gallery of Greece, the only historic park. Information on the morphology of the area and detailed the tomb containing the remains of the fallen, the tomb of Marcus Botsari, the statue of Lord Byron (Byron) and sixty-seven monuments chieftains philhellenes and fallen fighters. Also recounted sieges and business costs. 

Duration of tour: One hour

Cost: 50 €


The visitor is informed about the cross and the putative chalice, communion and blessed that the beseiged, the original printed version of the "Hymn to Freedom" printed here in Messolonghi midst of the second siege, the beautiful paintings depicting portraits of fighters, scenes from warfare and genuine weapons and personal belongings heroes of the era, as well as Lord Byron (Byron). 

Duration of tour: One hour 

Cost: 50 €


The visitor is guided through the Garden of Heroes, at the Museum of History & Art (Gallery) and follow the "path" on the road leading to the Curlew in the lagoon. 

Duration of tour: Two and a half hours 

Cost: 100 €


Housed in one of the three buildings that ' saved ' by the total destruction of the city , dating from the eighteenth century . It is the home of Athanasios Razikotsika , military commander of Mesolongion . The permanent museum collection of "thorough " is perfectly exposed, in accordance with the requirements of modern Museological Science , and occasionally made ​​unique either original or transferred to the field, valuable and interesting exhibitions . Additionally , it has shop , where visitors of our city can be purchased from either one of the versions of "thorough " or a traditional product of the region .

Duration of tour: One hour

Cost : 50 €


Chronicles the life and work of Charilaos Trikoypi, reformer and modernizer of modern Greece, as well as founder of parliamentarism. Exhibited personal items, like items descendants. 

Duration of tour: Forty minutes 

Cost: 30 €


Housed in the oldest building in the city , the ancestral home of Kostis Palamas. Narrated action Palama family , who worked at Missolonghi University of Western Greece , the ' Palamaia Academy " , long before the beginning of the Greek Revolution. In addition , a detailed report on the life and work of the great poet , the institutions of Education and Justice in the pre-revolutionary years and , in general , extremely high intellectual level of the city , who " gave birth " five prime five Poets .

Duration of tour: Fifty minutes

Cost : 50 €


The visitor can observe objects that have to do with the simple, folk painting, the weaving, embroidery, agriculture, farming, commercial fishing. You will also admire uniquely beautiful pictures of "old" Missolonghi. 

Duration of tour: Thirty minutes 

Cost: 30 €


The visiting team is guided through all the above areas. 

Duration of tour: One day. (the months when it gets dark relatively slowly) 

Cost: 200 €


The archaeological site is located approximately four miles from the city center. This Roman public baths character surviving seven meters in height. With the help of the guide you will understand that they were just tanks cold, warm and hot water, which were placed hypocausts, air, ie, by means of which reached the hot air over the areas, as well as other interesting information on the time her. 

Duration of tour: Forty-five minutes about 

Cost: 40 €



On foot of Arakynthos five miles northwest of Messolonghi is the archaeological site of ancient Plevrona , considered one of the oldest places of Aetolian land . It refers , not from Homer in " Nion List" of the Iliad , associated with cities that helped the Mycenaeans . The ruins date from the late 3rd century . B.C. The strong walls stretching 2360 meters. Within the 36 towers and 8 gates , the visitor is guided through the market area to the gymnasium and bath , theater with its prime location, the huge, carved in the rock , cistern and other very interesting points . A visit to the area to admire the wonderful view Panachaiko , Erymantho , the Arax , Kefalonia and certainly the largest, perhaps, part of the lagoon , as if you are on an airplane and aerial shooting .

Duration of tour: Two hours

Cost : 80 €


Go to city - island already mentioned by 13th century In 1847 joined to the mainland by two stone , arches , bridges . You can visit the Cathedral, the "Virgin Mary ", where the tour guide will talk about the Holy Epitaph , wooden temple , the miraculous image of Our Lady . Also worth visiting the Church the Archangels or " Commander ", which became the "miracle " of 8 November 1823 . Next to the church is the grave of Mrs. Vassiliki. Finally do not forget to admire the great works of Vaso Katraki , the most important engraver of the second half of the 20th century . the namesake museum etching .

Duration of tour: Three hours (depending on season )

Cost : 100 €


After tiring of course a half hour after you start Kefalovryso Aitoliko arrive in ravine height of several tens of meters . At about fifty yards from the depth, you will find yourself at the mouth of the cave , that there was a temple of the monastery complex . The illustration of the two caves , small and large , is, according to experts, a milestone in the development of Byzantine hagiography entire western Greece , while it should be noted that the monastery had and bibliographic laboratory (scriptorium), an indication of significance.

Journey time , route and tour: Four hours

Cost : 100 €


Pilgrimage and visit to an agreed meeting point of the "funeral" with troops Karaiskakis, the pre-revolutionary monastery 'T' Ai Symios ", built in the first decades of the 18th century. one of the most beautiful locations in the area. 

Duration and tour: One and a half hour 

Cost: 50 €


Limestone massif of EUR 917 m at 2nd kms from Missolonghi, alongside the highway Antirrion - Ioannina. Popular destination for climbers because of the quality of the rock and the variety of routes (grade "4" up to "10"), with the crystal blue sea to a few meters away from the trails. Barasova known also for its caves, many of which were used as askitareia and churches, that's why the nickname of "Holy Mountain Central Greece."


Extensive archaeological site . Your guide informs visitors about the beautiful architecture of the city walls with beautiful portals , project of the 6th century BC theater where was first in the 4th BC century and certainly the best preserved dock of the ancient world , where with his help , can xenagoumenoi observe the docking facilities , the bases of the large metal ring of ships , friezes for exolkysi and repair and other very interesting information .

Duration and tour: Two and a half hours

Cost : 80 €


George 'Anathetis. Apostolakis

Graduate Guide
State Association of Licensed Guides
Responsible tour by Law 710/1977

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