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A tour that combines historical, archaeological , religious, pilgrimage and environmental tourism. Trichonida Lake is the largest natural lake in Greece and in extent, but mainly in volume after water reaches sixty-five feet deep . In the northwestern shore lies the Trichonis Environment Center , where you can learn from our guide on how created the lake and on the fauna and flora hosting.

Our next stop is the religious , social, political and military center of the ancient Aetolians Thermo . During antiquity , we identify the most representative democracies of ancient Greece , during that two to three times a year , the inhabitants gather Aetolians cities were eligible to vote and voting per capita and not dealers. With the help of our guide George Apostolakis will see the two galleries too long , the temple of Apollo Thermios , constructed upon source , fountain spouting water even today , the Chamber and of course the museum .

A short distance from Thermo, is the monastery of St. Kosmas the Aetolian the Great Tree , the monastery of Agia Paraskevi , where you can see the representation of a secret school in waxwork , and just before the village of Myrtle, the monastery Mirtidiotissa or Monastery myrtle , which are preserved in exquisite art paintings four different eras , from the 12th to the 18th century .

On the south shore of Trichonis Gavalou near the village , is the only Asclepeion Etoloakarnanias . In the surrounding area , flourished in the 3rd century BC ancient Trichoneion , one of the most important cities of the Aetolians .




In about two hours from our hotel are gorgeous and martyrdom Kalavryta , again with the help of our guide George Apostolakis will visit and see the Place of Sacrifice , when on December 13, 1943 , 1436 males from 14 to 80 years , executed by the Germans . You will also visit the municipal Museum of the Holocaust , the Monastery of Agia Lavra , the Monastery of the Great Cave , and can organize tours to the canyon Vouraikos , either on foot or by funicular railway , and also if the trip made ​​during the winter Do not forget to visit the ski center. Finally, it should be considered necessary and a visit to the beautiful cave of Lakes is a unique global geological phenomenon lakes lie in three different levels .




In less than two hours from our hotel , located in New Archaeological Museum of Nicopolis . The George Apostolakis our guide will narrate the events that led to the Battle of Actium that was to change the course of history , will speak about how the city was founded Nicopolis by Gaius Octavian Augustus , and how this has affected even the Aetolian cities , as well as the largest and most difficult engineering project of the Romans in Greece , the aqueduct of Nicopolis . With its help you will understand why Nicopolis was cosmopolitan in nature and will inquire about the commercial, artistic, residential, professional and burial customs of the Greeks and not only citizens, not only during the Roman period , but also during the and first means Christian Era .

Then you go to the archaeological site , where Mr. Apostolakis will show the walls of the Christian era , the royal churches formed the continuity of Hellenistic and Roman galleries , as well as the well- preserved Roman Odeon .

In twenty five minutes from Nikopol you find yourself in the alleged Oracle of Acheron , a unique space architecture of the central edifice will present mentally, although missing its roof . Our tour guide George Apostolakis , will host the opinions of archaeologists on the Nekyomanteio while finishing , will talk about the underground hall, the alleged home of Hades and Persephone , whose architecture simulation creates open space , ie an anechoic room. The why and how the ancient Greeks built this room , especially since today we have spent hundreds of thousands of euro after measurements computer will tell our tour guide , there.





In less than two hours from our hotel , located in New Archaeological Museum of Arta . There are presented exhibits from ancient Ambrakia the Corinthian colony , on which is built the modern city today . You will learn about the historical and cultural development of the region , the public life and the characteristics that the highlighted as the most important city in NW Greece , perhaps the most impressive monument inherited Arta , the wall , on the burial customs. Impressive is the representation of a house of ancient Amvrakias , sectioned into rooms like andron the loft .

After the tour of George Apostolakos Museum , we suggest you take a walk in the city , where once again with the help of the guide, you will learn about the storied bridge of Arta , the most important and famous temple of the county, Panagia Parigoritisa , the ancient burial street with dozens of monuments and burial enclosures excavated even today .




To organize excursions either above or any other, we suggest you contact for many years qualified guide Aitoloakarnania and Western Greece, George Apostolakis.

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