Trinity Messolongiou


The curative mud of the Trinity within the Messolonghi lagoon Klisova , east of the road that crosses the lagoon and leads to the beach Tourlidas . The municipality Holy City Mesolongiou has gone all necessary actions so soon iamatikotita certified by the competent committee of EOT , while forming Conditions to express investment development plan of the baths .

Dubbed as the remedy of the Lagoon . Just a few minutes away from the marina there is the best kept secret of Europe: the natural hot springs of Agia Triada ( the Holy Three - Entities ) near the historic little island Kleisova . Here , for centuries every season thousands of Greeks take an invigorating and therapeutic spa bath laspis.Ta spas . The concentrated salt as the iodine containing water and the mud of the bottom , it has the capacity to cure major diseases and are in Phinikia , known as " White Aliki ." Of course the traditional houses of the fishermen called " Pelades ' sailing in shallow lagoon , steal the show this dream location , characterized mainly by wooden material , as illuminated by that invariance , golden sunset , sinking slowly in the shallow and calm waters of the lagoon , the Sacred City of Missolonghi . That's the Missolonghi , an important wetland in history .


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