Museum of History and Art municipality Messolongi

The museum is housed in a two-storey neoclassical building of 1931. The Museum Collection includes original paintings and copies of chapters of Exodus Messolonghi, portraits philhellenes and Greek chieftains of 1837 original prints of Friedel, 1826 guns, coins and medals, plaster busts of the five Messolonghi  Premiers. Exposed to other articles and manuscripts by Lord Byron, surrounded by pictures of his two trips to Greece and the embryo from the marble statue, located in Cambridge. Some of the most important exhibits are: I. Vryzakis, the output of Messolonghi. "The building was previously used to house the Town Hall.


Folklore Museum

     Die Folk-Cultural Association of Missolonghi war die Nr. 305/19-12-1996 Instanz Court Entscheidung Missolonghi.Association ist eine Non-Profit. Der Zweck des Vereins ist es, die Entwicklung des Bildungsniveaus unseres Volkes beitragen und die Kultur unserer Stadt und Region.

Center for Art and Literature Diexodos

The Outlet is located downtown, on a pedestrian street, in a two-storey 18th century building, total area 400sqm, renovated in 1999. In this he was born in 1798 and lived elected by the fighters of General Messolongi leader, Gen. Athanasios Kotsikas-Razi. Includes a ground-floor multipurpose room 180t.m., a room 80sqm the first floor and a terrace first floor is also 110sq.m, which can be used for speech events, art and film projection with 110 seats or 150 people for receptions.


Museum Kostis Palamas

Kostis Palamas, the youngest of our national bard, was born onJanuary 13, 1859 in Patras, parents Messolonghi. His familyhas produced many fighters, clerics and teachers of the nation, including Gregory Palamas. Grandfather was PanagiotisPalamas, founder of the famous Palamaias School in Missolonghi, where he taught. At the age of 15-16 years Frederick had already lost his parents and then hosted by the hometown of his father, Messolonghi.


Museum "Trikoupi"

He was born in Nafplion, descended from the historic family Trikoupi Messolonghi and Karatzas family in Istanbul. He was the son of Spyridon Trikoupis political, historical and also Prime Minister of Greece and Catherine nee Mavrokordatou [1]. Sponsor was Admiral Andreas Miaoulis. After studying at the Athens High School, where headmaster was George Gennadius, studied law at Athens University, where after a three-year study completed his studies in Paris. By the end of the study served as private secretary to his father Spyridon, who was ambassador to London and then in 1856 he was appointed secretary of the embassy official in London following the diplomatic corps. In 1862 he was elected representative of the Second National Congress of the Greek community of London and withdrawn his father took over as commissioner of the embassy. Although the diplomatic career was short, though distinguished for his unparalleled skill, in 1863, during negotiations with the British government, as a representative of the Greek Government, the relevant treaty of concession of the Ionian Islands from Britain to the Kingdom of Greece, which was the dominant term acceptance of the crown of the Kingdom by Prince and later King of the Hellenes George A. Noted that the issue of concessions, in fact assignment of these islands was not so simple after the reaction of the royal court of Denmark, where the relevant treaty was concluded in the absence of the Greek government, a consequence of which was to follow second such treaty with the diplomatic term "integration". The second treaty was that the attorney H. Trikoupis, whose diplomatic career lasted 8 years (1856-1864).

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