Archaeological sites


Located less than one hundred meters from our hotel is the most visited pilgrimage site of Messolonghi. There, where during the second siege, they were the camp and the cemetery of the besieged. Do not forget to search for a qualified guide Ko. George Apostolakis, to you recounted the events of the siege that resulted in dramatic and unique in the world "Exodus" and explain how its current form, the Garden of Heroes, which is the only regional sculpture of Greece, unique historical park.



Located two and a half kilometers from the hotel, are the Roman Baths of St. Thomas, probably dating from the early second century. AD The uniqueness of this archaeological site has to do with the fact that the walls of the complex is preserved to a maximum height of 7 meters, which is not found elsewhere in mainland Greece, while the visitor has the opportunity to see part of the heating system of hot, the hypocausts.



In less than ten minutes from our hotel, the on-board guests can visit the ancient Calydon, one of the five Aetolian Mycenaean cities that participated in the Trojan war. Here you can see, among others, the peculiar architectural theater or parliament, part of which has been excavated so far, continuing excavations in the summer, but the foundations of the great temple of Artemis and Lafrias Lafriou Apollo.



Also one of the five Aetolian Mycenaean cities included in the 'nion list. " An astonishing archaeological site that definitely should not miss. Remained closed to the public for over eight years, since they were done restoration work, restoration of hundreds of stones, making journeys to guests. The visitor, which it would previously have been addressed in the guide, Mr George Apostolakis, will be able to help the latter to see the building systems of external wall, which survives in some places up to six feet, the towers that protected , the, unique architecture, tank, purchase, the alleged "stage" and indeed partially restored theater - parliament. Sublime beauty is the view you can see from that point, like to see aerial photograph.




Another unique archaeological site, thirty minutes from our hotel is the second most important city of ancient Acarnanians, ancient Oiniades. There you can admire the ancient theater with a capacity five and a half thousand spectators in ancient times, where the summer months there are theatrical performances and concerts, so justly considered the "Epidaurus" in western Greece, the great architecture of the walls of the outer wall and a separate fortification of the three ports of the ancient city, but mostly to stay in awe of the best preserved Shipsheds of ancient Greece.



The only beauty but also in important areas, are endless in our region. Located ten kilometers from our hotel in the picturesque Aetoliko, which incidentally, is the most populous island in Greece, is the only museum of pure etching across Europe, detailing projects and patterns of Vaso Katraki, which in the years after Civil War and before the dictatorship, won international awards 4 / 1, while artists such as Giacometti, Picasso and Dali, bowed to the genius idea to carve in stone.



To tour or in the above areas, or others, suggest that contact for many years qualified guide Aitoloakarnania and Western Greece, George Apostolakis.

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