Local products


The roe is in the ovaries of female fish head, the locals call Bafas. The whole body of the roe is divided into two elongated and cylindrical lobes, which occupy about half the body of the fish, which contains them, surrounded by thin films. Once arrested, the Buffalo, the following procedure for extracting the roe: A fisherman holding the fish with its tail up and to score smartly with a well sharpened knife, the bottom of his belly. Then with your fingers pull the roe out of the visceral cavity. To avoid "spilling" the Roe separate it from the fish with the birth canal. Then rinse the roe from the blood - if possible with salt water - and "bloat" with fine salt. Simultaneously with pressure of his fingers is explained in Roe quadrilateral shape, which is stabilized by placing pieces of wood. After finishing the preparation mentioned above product is placed in special cages for ventilated. There are dried and are now known roe. Note that the drying is controlled and maintained melichroma roe, say soft and having a blonde - honey color . www.botargostefos.gr



The amazing in every aspect of Messolongi Lagoon, offers the city and another treasure: the salt. The shallowness of the water, according to the high content of natural elements and the existence of suitable weather conditions, generously offered the ability to create productivity Alykes. So now there are two in Messolonghi Alykes: The white and that of TOURLIDAS. The production of salt is a natural glow to the method of continuous freezing and harvesting of salt is in hand, White Salt mechanized and, in Curlew traditional means. The area is used by Alykes 14,000 acres and the annual salt production exceeds 130,000 tons. This means that Mesolonghi produces more than 90% of the primary salt in Greece


The Lagoon is ideal Messolongi living and many parts Heli (Anquilla). Special eels of Messolongi considered the most delicious of Europe and a popular dish. Eels have a shape with a variety of length and weight and known in Messolonghi is Souvlomytari the Kavatsa the Vitselouro the Katharochelo and Drongos. Eaten boiled or roasted, the spit or oven and rarely cure.Also Mesolonghi make them delicious pedals. Much of the local production is exported to Italy.


Τhe pedals are made in the summer of bream, mullet sand eels as follows: The opening in the middle of the back up the belly from head to tail. The two parties held the belly. Then salted, allow 3-4 hours in salt, rinsed, then the two straight parts with a sliver of cane and dried in the shade ...kept two to three days longer and eaten undercooked, and when it dry and raw.


Salted fish

The brilliant and protected by the Treaty of Ramsar wetland of the Lagoon of Messolongi famous for the exquisite fish. Eels,mullet, sea bass and sea bream of Messolongi, remaining in shallow and excellent composition and vegetation waters of the lagoon, acquire a special flavor and taste. When salted get more value. Mainly corn crops, but the bream, some Mugilidae species and eels. Special pastes broom is renowned culinary value.


Marble Messolongi

The unique marble heavy wood color, excellent monochrome display. 30 kinds of marble granite in all its dimensions. 30 striking new treatments, hairstyles, skapetsarista, antique and more.




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